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Frequently Asked Questions

How Hey Jane Works

How do I get treatment through Hey Jane?
Where do the medications come from?
Can I track my package?
How long will it take for my medications to arrive?
What will the packaging for the treatment look like?
Who provides care through Hey Jane?
Do you offer refunds?
Is this legit?

Pregnancy Options & Common Questions

What are my pregnancy options and how do I decide what to do?
How do I know if I'm pregnant and how long I've been pregnant for?
How many weeks into pregnancy do I need to make a decision?
How will state-specific laws affect my pregnancy options?


Why is Hey Jane so affordable?
What is medication abortion and how does it work?
Who can get a medication abortion with Hey Jane?
Is abortion safe? What are the risks?
Is medication abortion with Hey Jane safe?
What’s the difference between a medication abortion (an abortion with pills) and an in-clinic procedural abortion?
Is medication abortion the same thing as emergency contraception (like Plan B)?
Does Hey Jane offer financial assistance?

Before, During & After Medication Abortion

How should I prepare for an abortion with pills?
How do I take the abortion pills?
What should I expect after I take the abortion pills?
When can I go back to my regular activities after taking the abortion pills?
What is Rh factor and why is it important?
How do I know if the abortion pills worked?
What is an ectopic pregnancy and how do I know if I have one?
What are symptoms I should be concerned about after taking the abortion pills? When should I contact a medical provider?
Where can I get more information on birth control? When should I start?
Who can I talk to for support after I’ve had an abortion?

UCSF Telehealth Study

What is the UCSF Telehealth Study?
How can I share my experiences and help improve access to medication abortion nationwide?
Who is eligible for participation in the study?
How will the study help others?
What’s required, how do I participate, and how long will it take?
Will my information be confidential?
How can I secure the $50 cash card?
How do I join?