Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy Options & Common Questions

What are my pregnancy options and how do I decide what to do?
How do I know if I'm pregnant and how long I've been pregnant for?
How many weeks into pregnancy do I need to make a decision?
How will state-specific laws affect my pregnancy options?


What is medication abortion and how does it work?
Who can get a medication abortion with Hey Jane?
Is abortion safe? What are the risks?
Is medication abortion with Hey Jane safe?
What’s the difference between a medication abortion (an abortion with pills) and an in-clinic procedural abortion?
Is medication abortion the same thing as emergency contraception (like Plan B)?
How can I get help paying for an abortion?

Before, During & After Medication Abortion

How should I prepare for an abortion with pills?
How do I take the abortion pills?
What should I expect after I take the abortion pills?
When can I go back to my regular activities after taking the abortion pills?
What is Rh factor and why is it important?
How do I know if the abortion pills worked?
What is an ectopic pregnancy and how do I know if I have one?
What are symptoms I should be concerned about after taking the abortion pills? When should I contact a medical provider?
Where can I get more information on birth control? When should I start?
Who can I talk to for support after I’ve had an abortion?