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How Much Does an Abortion Cost in



In California the average abortion costs between $655-$940 (without insurance)*.

Determining the exact cost for a given patient depends on a few variables, like: the city and state a patient is in, the gestational age of the pregnancy (as a pregnancy progresses, prices typically increase), the type of abortion (medication or surgical), a patient’s insurance coverage (and willingness to use it), the facility (clinic, hospital, or private practice—hospitals tend to be most expensive) and whether they choose telehealth or in-clinic care (virtual clinics, like Hey Jane, often offer the lowest prices).

*Prices as of March 2022

Average cost of a medical abortion



Average cost of surgical abortion



*We surveyed a non-exhaustive sample of providers in


for pricing. Data excludes Hey Jane.

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Cost of medication abortion

The average out-of-pocket medication abortion in CA costs $737*, but can be much lower with insurance or through a virtual provider.

A medication abortion, often referred to as the ‘abortion pill’, has been proven to be a safe and effective alternative to a surgical abortion for early pregnancies. During a medication abortion, a pregnant person will have a consultation with a provider (either in-clinic or via telemedicine) who determines your eligibility, and then prescribes two medications—mifepristone and misoprostol. When taken together, these pills stop the pregnancy from growing, and then clear your uterus. This process is similar to a miscarriage, and is often preferred by patients who value the convenience and comfort of an at-home abortion. It is typically less expensive than a surgical abortion.

*Prices as of March 2022


Cost of surgical abortion

In California, the average cost of a surgical (or aspiration) abortion is $940* (without insurance) and varies significantly based on the gestational age of the pregnancy. However, private insurance or the state's Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, should be able to lower or eliminate (depending on a person’s income) that cost.

The term ‘surgical’ abortion is a bit misleading, as the procedure is extremely safe and doesn’t actually involve surgery. Many abortion activists prefer the term ‘aspiration’ abortion, which is a more accurate description of the gentle suction involved. Surgical abortions are generally more expensive than medication abortions, but in some cases may be the best option for the patient.

*Prices as of March 2022


Provider Directory

In 2017, the Guttmacher Institute found that there were 161 clinics providing abortions across California state. Below we’ve compiled contact and treatment information for just a few of those clinics.

Laws & Regulations in


From a regulatory perspective, California is one of the most abortion-friendly states in the country. In California, anyone can get an abortion for any reason up to 24 weeks of pregnancy – and after 24 weeks, a person may still get an abortion for certain medical reasons. Additionally, California allows fo

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There are national and regional abortion funds available to people who need help paying for their abortions. To learn more, we recommend reaching out to your provider – since they typically have relationships with specific partner funds. 

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Choosing the right provider for you

The decision to get an abortion—and where—is very personal. But there are a few factors you can consider when looking for a provider, like gestational age cutoffs, pricing, location, convenience, insurance coverage, and reputation. Be wary of crisis pregnancy centers, which are fake clinics. 

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