Due to high volume, it may take 24-36 hours to hear from your Hey Jane provider! Additionally, New York packages may experience a short delay due to inclement weather.


Share your experience,
and earn $50

Get safe, effective, and legal abortion pills delivered fast to your home — the same medication you'd receive in a clinic.

Earn $50 for completing 3 surveys

Your data is kept private and secure

All Hey Jane patients are eligible

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Who’s eligible for Hey Jane?

For now, we’re serving patients who are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • In NY, CA, or WA
  • Up to 10 weeks pregnant

Confidential surveys, trustworthy partner

To earn your cash card, you’ll securely complete 3 surveys for the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) over the course of your treatment. The questions will be about you, and your abortion experience.


Complete the first survey when you sign up for treatment (15 min).


The second survey will be sent once you receive your medication (5 min).


You’ll be sent the last survey four weeks after treatment (10 min).

Telemedicine: a new model of abortion care

Hey Jane is one of the first virtual clinics offering abortion treatment online. It’s a new model of abortion care, with medication delivered to your door, and proven as safe and effective as in-clinic treatment.

Help build the future of reproductive health

Your participation will help keep laws and policies about abortion science-based.

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