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Important notes

This treatment is very safe and it works up to 98% of the time when you follow the instructions. Risks are extremely rare — but you should know what to look for.

Undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy
One type of pregnancy that cannot be ended using pills is an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside the uterus). This happens in about 2 of every 100 pregnancies. It is important to get medical care if you have worsening belly pain or bleeding 24 hours after you take the pills.

Inaccurate pregnancy dating 
It is possible that your pregnancy dating (how far along you are in your pregnancy) could be inaccurate. Taking the abortion pills later in your pregnancy is not unsafe; however, you can have more bleeding or the treatment might not work.

Please note that after you take the first medicine, you must complete the abortion. 
In the rare event the abortion does not work, you may have the option to take the medicines again or you’ll need an in-clinic procedure.

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