Artist bio Elizabeth Romary
Artist bio Elizabeth Romary
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Elizabeth Romary

Eli Romary is a North Carolina native currently living in Dublin, Ireland. She’s always loved art, but really started illustrating as a quarantine hobby to make up for not being able to go further than half a mile from her apartment for over five months. Eli recently earned her Master’s in international relations and development and spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia. She’s always had a strong passion for womxn’s rights which is why she was super excited to join HeyJane for this project. When she’s not working or illustrating, she loves reading, cats, analyzing US foreign policy decisions, and going back and forth between watching Top Chef and Drag Race. Eli runs a small Etsy store and specializes in floral illustrations, fun quotes, and digital portraits. Get in touch with her if you want to create something awesome together. She also wants to remind you that science is real, love is love, Black lives matter, to vote, and to wear a mask.

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