Video Appointment

During your scheduled appointment, your provider will make sure a medication abortion with Hey Jane is right for you and answer any questions. If approved for treatment, your medications will be sent after your appointment.

During your appointment, you’ll go over: 

  • How to take the pills

  • What to expect during and after treatment.

         Check out our What To Expect page to get more info on what to expect after taking the medications.

  • How to reach us - we're here for you anytime. Please join Spruce to securely message us from your phone or computer by going to this link:

  • Answer any questions and go over your consent forms

  • The plan for follow up after your treatment:

         We’ll check in with you a few times to make sure the treatment went well. 

  • ~~1-2 weeks after your treatment: we’ll follow up with you on Spruce to make sure your treatment went well.  
  • ~~4 weeks after your treatment: we’ll remind you to take an at-home pregnancy test. Do not take a pregnancy test until 4 weeks after you take the pills (the pregnancy test can stay positive for this long even if you are no longer pregnant).