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How Much Does an Abortion Cost in



In Colorado the average cost of an abortion is $499-700 (without insurance)*. 

With that said, every abortion and pregnancy is different so several factors are considered when determining the exact cost—like the geographic location of the patient, the gestational age of the pregnancy (as a pregnancy progresses, prices usually increase), the type of abortion (medication or surgical), insurance coverage and benefits, the facility that performs the abortion (clinic, hospital, or private practice), and whether it’s telehealth or in-clinic care (online clinics, like Hey Jane, are often less expensive).

*Prices as of March 2022

Average cost of a medical abortion



Average cost of surgical abortion



*We surveyed a non-exhaustive sample of providers in


for pricing. Data excludes Hey Jane.

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Cost of medication abortion

The average price for a medication abortion in Colorado is $499*, but can be considerably lower when insurance or a virtual clinic is used.

A medication abortion (commonly called the ‘abortion pill’) consists of two prescription medications (misoprostol and mifepristone) taken over the course of 1-2 days. It is proven to be extremely safe and effective as an alternative to a surgical abortion for early pregnancies. A medication abortion is prescribed by a licensed provider in one of two ways: either in-clinic, or via telemedicine. In either case, the abortion itself takes place in the comfort of your home. Medication abortions are generally a less expensive option than surgical abortions.

*Prices as of March 2022


Cost of surgical abortion

The average cost of a surgical abortion in Colorado is $700*, but is highly dependent on the gestational age (a term used to describe how far along a pregnancy is) of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, Colorado does not provide state funding for abortion care (unless the pregnancy is causing a life-threatening circumstance or in the case of sexual assault or incest), however patients with private insurance may be able to cover some (or all) of that cost.

Unlike a medication abortion, a ‘surgical’ (sometimes called ‘aspiration’) abortion always takes place in a clinical setting—and involves a gentle suction to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. Both surgical and medication abortions are extremely safe and effective options, and appeal to patients for different reasons. Surgical abortions are usually more expensive than medication abortions, but in certain cases may be the patient’s best or only option.

*Prices as of March 2022


Provider Directory

In 2017, the Guttmacher Institute found that there were 18 clinics providing abortions across Colorado state. Below we’ve compiled directory information for some of those clinics.

Laws & Regulations in


In Colorado, a pregnant person has the the right to an abortion at any point throughout their pregnancy. As recently as 2022, Colorado enacted a statutory protection for abortion as a fundamental right. This right is protected by Colorado law, and even includes protections for clinic safety by creating a buffer zone around the entrance. Additionally, Colorado gives residents even more control of their reproductive health by allowing for abortion via telemedicine

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The cost of an abortion (and potential travel expenses involved) should never be a barrier to getting care —but unfortunately, that’s not alwasys the case. If you, or someone you know, needs assistance paying for an abortion in Colorado, there are abortion funds that often work directly with clinics to ensure access for all their patients. 

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Choosing the right provider for you

The decision to get an abortion—and where—is very personal. But there are a few factors you can consider when looking for a provider, like gestational age cutoffs, pricing, location, convenience, insurance coverage, and reputation. Be wary of crisis pregnancy centers, which are fake clinics. 

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