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Hey Jane’s commitment to keeping patient data protected

At Hey Jane, providing safe, private, and compassionate care is our top priority.

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Team Hey Jane

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At Hey Jane, providing safe, private, and compassionate care is our top priority—which is why protecting our patients’ privacy is mission critical. 

We use HIPAA-compliant security to keep our patients' private information sealed and continue to evolve our security practices so patients can feel safe when they put their trust in us. 

Here's how Hey Jane ensures data security and privacy.

We collect and store data in safe, compliant ways

At Hey Jane, we adhere to HIPAA’s national standards to ensure we’re protecting individuals' medical records and other individually identifiable health information. Our technical infrastructure uses best-in-class methods to collect and store patient information. We ensure that data is encrypted from the moment patients send it to us—so that nobody can see it other than Hey Jane.

We vet all vendors to ensure data security

We rely on vendor partners—like Stripe for payment processing—to ensure a smooth user experience, and each of our vendors goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet our standards of data security. We ensure no vendor receives data unless it’s absolutely essential for them to function, in which case we confirm diligent data-handling practices (including signing a business associate agreement, editing specific account settings, adhering to brand best practices regarding personal identifiable information, etc.). 

We do not sell our patient information to any third-party data marketplace

Trust is at the root of everything we do at Hey Jane, which is why we do not sell our patients' health information or data to any third-party data marketplace. 

We protect data when we utilize advertising platforms and analytics tools

Given that only 1 in 4 Americans know that abortion pills are a safe, effective option for ending early pregnancies, it is critical for patients to be aware that telemedicine abortion services like Hey Jane exist—especially as other care options are put under extreme strain. When Hey Jane does advertise through search engines, we ensure that no identifiable patient data is collected, shared, or displayed with our advertising partners. Similarly, when we use analytics tools to help improve the patient experience, we follow specific steps to avoid sharing any personally identifying information, including ensuring a patient’s IP address is anonymous.

We let our patients decide what to share publicly

Part of our mission is to normalize abortion care: 1 in 4 people with a uterus will have an abortion. An important way for us to do that is by having our patients leave reviews. Every patient can decide whether or not they want to leave a review. Reviews are a small way for our patients to share their stories and normalize abortion, if they would like to do so.

We build data security practices into our team processes

At Hey Jane, we receive LegitScript certification and all of our team members go through data privacy training to ensure that we are following HIPAA best practices and taking all necessary steps to protect patient information. 

Updated July 7, 2022.

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