Abortion is still legal in the states we operate in, and it’s your right to access care.
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Buy abortion pills online

Buy abortion pills online, and have them delivered fast to your home. Abortion pills are a safe way to end an early pregnancy — and 98% effective. Chat with an experienced doctor today to buy abortion pills online.

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Pay $139 with financial assistance

Buy abortion pills online

50% lower cost than in-person care

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Who’s eligible for Hey Jane?

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Check if you’re eligible

You’ll start by sharing details about your pregnancy and medical history, and we’ll determine your eligibility.

Who’s eligible for Hey Jane?


Chat with a licensed doctor

Consult with an experienced doctor through chat to confirm your eligibility, and have your medications prescribed. Meet with your doctor live on video if you'd like.


Get your treatment delivered

Get FDA-approved abortion pills delivered to your door in 2-3 business days. They'll arrive in an unmarked box to protect your privacy.


Chat with U.S.-licensed abortion doctors from top institutions

Hey Jane only works with experienced abortion doctors from leading institutions like Mount Sinai, UT Southwestern Medical Center and UCSD School of Medicine, for example.

Abortion Pills 101

Ever heard of the abortion pill? A medication abortion actually consists of more than just one pill — it’s a regimen of two medications. The first ends the pregnancy, and the second clears your uterus.

Hey Jane exists thanks to groundbreaking advancements in abortion regulation, as well as new data on the safety and efficacy of telemedicine abortion care.

Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

Hey Jane only works with experienced abortion doctors from leading instititions like Mount Sinai, UT Southwestern Medical Center and UCSD School of Medicine, for example.

Abortion pills can now legally be sent through the mail in most states

Telemedicine abortion has been proven as safe and effective as in-clinic care

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In 2020, there is more data than ever that shows the drug is not only safe and effective but safe and effective even when received at home.

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These startups are revolutionizing abortion care by offering quick, private, safe, convenient and affordable services.

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Virtual care can overcome the barrier of distance (and its related costs) by reaching patients at their homes...

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A future with accessible teleabortion care means that those seeking to terminate their pregnancy can do it with an ounce of peace—away from the sign-wielding protestors who crowd clinic parking lots

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Am I eligible?

Pay $139 with financial assistance

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